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Monday, 7 April 2014

No room in these jeans!

If you've been following me from the beginning, then you would know about my hate relationship with jeans. I find them restrictive, uncomfortable and 99% of the time, they don't fit me properly (bunchy at the waist and tight at the thighs), well that was until this pair!

 I walked in to the Topshop store for my first time and asked the sales rep to help me find a pair of white jeans...needless to say they didn't have my size in white jeans so I thought oh well, let me give black jeans a go, especially seeing as the 1 pair of black jeans I own have seen much better days. While I was struggling in the change room and doing my whole jiggle-jiggle hop-hop sequence, another sales rep (who happened to be black and curvy as well) told me there's only 1 type of Topshop jeans that she wears and those are the JONI jeans. She decided to go get a pair for me to try on and boy was she right! First of all, they are easy to get into-even right after showering and are super duper stretchy and comfortable! They have passed my jeans test! I wish they had them in white when I was there but lack will do for now.

I decided to go with a sort of "warrior" look by adding a Topshop crop top and Sirens Fashion booties.

Jeans: HERE, shorter version HERE and white version HERE


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