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Friday, 3 October 2014

Looking for Caro

"Caro your body necessary. Necessary...
"Looking for Caro." "Show me Caro.| See see Caro." "Where are you Caro?"

I'm sure most of my fellow Africans (and probably all Nigerian followers) know exactly which song those lyrics belong to, haha. 
The moment I laid eyes on thei t-shirt, I knew it had to be mine one day. When I was ready to purchase it a few weeks ago, it was sold out. Like a true shopaholic, I kept it in the back of my mind and knew I would try again in a few weeks and am I glad I did!

Allen & Fifth are behind some really cool tees with popular Afro-centric slogans such as this.

*Side story*
I decided to head down to the famous Toronto Distillery District, as I had heard such good things about the area. I get there and I see a black girl with a tripod taking her own photos in a corner. I decide to walk up to her and guess who it is? The one and only Busola from The Fashion Stirfry!!
Throughout all my years of blogging, I had never bumped into another bloger. Talk less of a blogger taking her own photos. Then the cherry ontop was that it was a blogger that I follow?! What joy was mine! We go to chat things up a little and she was such a sweetheart and helped me with my shoes-which refused to buckle for some reason and were too tight, lol.

Shirt- HERE
SKirt- Rahyma Designs  HERE
Necklace- eBay HERE

SKinny B

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