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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Currently Craving: Choies Midi SKirts

With the weather warming up, I'm so excited to be able to wear 1 of my favorite trends-full midi skirts!
I had already started sporting them in the winter as seen Here but there's a lot more where they came from!
I fell in love with the very affordable and trendy ones that choies.com sells and they fit up to a 28 inch waist (although I'm sure a tailor could adjust this for you if need be).
Here are my favorite midi skirts from them and even though I don't normally get one item in several colors, I can't wait to grab some more! (Most of them are under $25!) I've also included some photos that show how other bloggers styled them.

 photo choiescollage_zps4e54e586.jpg
Skirt 1   Skirt 2   Skirt 3   Skirt 4   Skirt 5   6

 photo choiescollage2_zps3bae4e20.jpg
            Skirt 1                                                                             Skirt 2                                                                    Skirt 3

How Bloggers styled it:
 photo CHOIESSKIRT12_zps6eb4d735.jpg

 photo CHOIESSKIRT9_zps4ab892c7.jpg  photo CHOIESSKIRT11_zps4b323014.jpg  photo CHOIESSKIRT13_zpsad4d6ccb.jpg

What do you think of this trend?
Skirts: www.choies.com
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