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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The thrifted coat

This vintage Zara coat is no secret, I've had it since last winter and I got it for about $25 at Value Village.
It's my most worn coat to date and I love how warm it is while keeping me looking professional, even when I'm down and weary. Lol
You know how I love my crop tops and Winter won't ever stop me from flaunting my stomach!

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Hello beautiful people! 
 I'm feeling extra generous and also to celebrate the launch of this extension of the SKinny Bish blog, I decided to give away an item I've been coveting myself from Zara's 2014 Spring Collection- this gorgeous Shopper bag!

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You have 1 week (February 27th) to enter the draw, everyone is welcome to enter!
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Skinny Bish

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Top 20 Female Style Bloggers of Color

I’ve been trying to blog in-between all the hoopla I've been going through in my personal life as I do find Blogging therapeutic, and what really interested me was creating another (Top 20) post! I know how much you loved the TOP 40 FEMALE STYLE BLOGGERS post I did last year and this time, I decided to narrow it down to the top 20 style bloggers of color whom I follow (yes, this is my personal opinion). Some of them you may not know and some people who you personally think should have made the list may not have but that is just because I do not frequent their sites as often as you do. These bloggers inspire me in one way or another- either from how they have used their blogs to generate steady income, their great sense of style, their amazing writing skills or just their loveable personalities-there is something I look forward to in each of them. I personally find that some bloggers have tons of followers but are lacking in content and personality, which is a huge turn-off for me but all of these sistahs have just enough of that-paired with style & grace.
I hope you love the list and please let me know your thoughts/ any other bloggers of color I may be interested in following!
In no particular order, I present to you…

1) Cynthia from Addicted to Etsy
In my opinion, no Fashion list is complete without Cynthia! The hair, smile, personality and sense of style may account for part of the reason why she was a finalist for the coveted Bombshell of the year on Fashionbombdaily. Cynthia is my girl (in real life, not just in my head!) and I am so proud of what this fellow-Cameroonian is doing with her blog. Major inspiration right here!
Her blog: HERE

2) Lydia of ArtBecomesYou
What can I say? Cameroonian girls rock in the blogging world, haha! To be honest, Lydia’s blog is hands down the blog with the best layout, in my opinion of course. Her layout was the inspiration behind my new layout-it just seems so professional and looks expensive! Haha! Her blog was one of the very first ones I ever started to follow. It is such an informative blog so I make sure to check it out for all the latest on anything from Instagram selfies to young entrepreneurs. Great job Lydia!

Her blog (which I call as site and not a blog, lol): HERE

3) Onyinye of Modavracha
Onyinye is a blogger I miss having pop up on my blogger news feed (ever since I switched to WordPress) because this medical student (yes, you read right,, Medical school!) would brighten a lot of my Sundays with practical outfit posts as well as words of encouragement and spiritual uplifting-which I believe we all need now and again. I also love hos daring she’s becoming with her hair choices and look forward to how she’ll switch it up! Haha

Her blog: HERE

4) Blake Von D of Blakevond
Blake is one of those really natural beauties and I remember stumbling across her blog via Tumblr. What kept me coming back was actually her writing! I love her reflective pieces the most and find myself relating to them. As I’m trying to improve my writing skills, she is definitely one I turn to for inspiration. FYI: Blake also happened to be a speaker at last year’s Style Bloggers of Color conference that took place in Miami!

Her blog: HERE

5) Carol of Fashion Bells
We all know how I love this recently engaged beauty right here! I love how honest Carol is on her blog and her outfits are worn for real life young professionals working in the office environment. She also shows us practical weekend outfits all while getting her amazing personality across. All I’m waiting for is the wedding post now!

Her blog: HERE

6) Jackline of Sincerelymissj
Jacky and I goo way back…to university days! She actually had a blog back when blogging was foreign to me and her blog is still going strong after all these years. Her blog is geared towards women on a budget or who want designer deals at non-designer prices. She achieves this through lots of thrifting, Winners and careful sales!
Her blog: HERE

7) Juliet of Romeo’s Fashion Fix
At first I didn’t recognize her…until my sister pointed out that Juliet went to the same boarding school as we did back in Cameroon! (Hey, it’s not my fault Cameroonians are so inspiring, haha). She has become quite the fashionista and blogger with her edgy haircuts and style (think Rihanna meets a bit of Rita Ora and then some).  We both wore our Andrea Iyamah swimsuits this past Summer and I am always one to admit when someone rocked something better than me so here is Juliet in the Taba swimsuit: (CLICK) This young lady is an emerging designer and with style like that, I can only imagine what her future line will look like! I can’t wait!
Her blog: HERE

8) Ashleigh of Thedaleigh
SICK is how I describe Ashleigh’s style. That’s it. I wish I owned almost everything in her wardrobe (which is probably as big as my room come to think of it). She’s done all the trends and just when you think there’s possibly nothing new she can bring, she shocks you with yet another outfit you think you could have come up with but never could (if that makes sense). I also love how Ashleigh is using her blog and platform to start a business! Kudos to her!
Her blog: HERE

9) Edwina of Versicolorcloset
Edwina is another blogger who combines her personality with her great yet simple sense of style! Another gorgeous blogger on a budget (which a lot of us can use) who also introduces her audience to other bloggers they may not know. I also love reading through Edwina’s posts because there’s usually a story behind them!
Her blog: HERE

10) Natasha of Bisous Natasha
I featured Natasha on the blog fairly recently and was actually surprised when she agreed to the interview! Partly because I have a stereotype in my head of how models tend to be stuck up and partly  because I just felt she would be too busy for me, a mere admirer of her blog. Apart from her style, I appreciate Natasha’s candidness-especially regarding issues in the modelling industry and the struggles as a model of color to be more precise. Natasha impressively speaks a multitude of Languages including French, Russian, Ndebele and Spanish-she definitely gets cool points there!
Her blog: HERE

11) Sasha of Sosasha
Sasha is the only  popular black blogger in Toronto that I know and that is sad. She’s the one who gets front row seats to Fashion shows, giveaways and free product from Forever 21, Nike and several luxury hotels. Sasha has THAT life. She documents what I see as a fabulous lifestyle including trips and event attendances with some of the biggest names in Toronto. How many bloggers do you know get asked to test-drive a new Buick just because? Exactly. I can’t wait to meet her in person and interview her when the weather gets better…one day.
Her blog: HERE

12) Shirley of Shirley’s wardrobe
We knew her for the lobgest while as Meek-n-mild…now it’s Shirley’s wardrobe but the name hasn’t changed a thing about one of the most visited blogs/Youtube channels in the blogosphere. Shirley will probably always be on these lists of mine and it’s not just because she’s mastered how to keep her readers engaged but also because of her personality and positive attitude towards life. I really don’t think i have to say much as I’m pretty sure you all know about her…
Her blog: http://www.shirleyswardrobe.com/

13) Alison of Mookeh’s blog
This talented hair stylists, blogger and soon clothing designer is another blogger friend…who happens to be Cameroonian (no I’m not biased, I just find a lot of Cameroonians inspiring) has grown so much in such a small space of time and I’m proud of her for that. Alison only started blogging last year and has already interviewed some top Cameroonian artists and manages to stay fabulous on a student budget.
Her blog: HERE

14) Danielle of Indieelectronicalternative
Yes, it’s Danielle again! What can I say, I love me some indie-electronic! Danielle shows me how to pair things (I first of all would never have bought in the first place) to give off a different kind of vibe or feel. She also shops at places I never would have shopped at if I hadn’t seen her wearing something from there. I mean, I’m no model so it won’t look the same on me but nonetheless, I try. I always check her blog out for new outfit posts as well as what she’s been up in modelling. I recently interviewed her on the blog so you should check out the post HERE in case you haven’t.
Her blog: HERE

15) Stella of J’adore Fashion
Stella gives me mature classiness but not boring. From her great picture quality to the attention to details to the entire way her looks are well put together, I have never had a dull moment with Stella. This new mom to a beautiful baby boy shows how a young mom can balance a corporate career with a family and look oh so-chic while doing it. Kudos to her.
Her blog: HERE

16) Agatha of Ironyofashi
Agatha is a blogger-friend turned real-life friend, haha. Agatha has one of the most dedicated followers I have seen and to everyone’s surprise, rarely shops for clothes! From her perfect makeup to super long legs to her bubbly personality, she is definitely a face I look forward to seeing on my Instagram News feed. She mixes things up on her blog in terms of trends, never shying away from taking risks, whether some may find it a hit or not. I can’t wait to see in what direction she’ll be taking her blog!
Her blog: HERE

17) Kike of Styledbykalack
Kike was the first blogger I interviewed this year and it was certainly to my pleasure. Now although Kike is taking a small step back from blogging, she just created her Youtube channel which you can visit HERE to keep up with her. I love Kike’s mix of colors, patterns and especially how she layers her necklaces! (which she actually has a Youtube video on).
Her blog: HERE

18) Folake of Stylepantry
Another blogger and mom turned business woman (or it could be vice versa) but the always-on-point Folake uses her immense popularity to promote her clothing store, shoxie.com and its gorgeous (and relatively affordable) pieces. A frequent face on Blackandkilling it and other fashion sites is a given when you always look fabulous. Folake is also the only blogger on this list to have hosted a red carpet event at the 2013 Oscars…plus she was wearing one of my favorite designers- April By Kunbi!
Her blog: HERE

19) Patricia of Patriciabright
Okay so let me be honest, I am probably one of the last people on Earth to know about the hugely popular Patricia and her honest and bubbly YouTube videos but ever since I started watching them, I couldn’t stop! Patricia is more of a Vlogger and I really appreciate her honesty in her videos, especially when it comes to life, love and body issues.
Her blog: HERE

20) Fisayo of Mirrorme
**Random but don’t Patricia and Fisayo have a slight resemblance? Haha
I remember being told about Fisayo’s blog last year, right after I had published my Top 40 Female Style bloggers post. I had known in the back of my mind that whenever I had another Top 20 or 40 post, she MUST be included. She has some of my most coveted pieces and I love love when she uses basics like a white shirt and skirt to create classy yet stunning outfits.
Her blog: HERE

What do you think of the list?
SKinny Bish


Hello Hello Hello beautiful people!
 My oh my have I missed Blogger! Wordpress is great but there's just something about Blogger which I love so much.
 I'm sure you're now wondering, "What on Earth is going on?!?" Well let me explain.
I decided to create a second blog. This blog will be dedicated to strictly outfit posts and fashion while the Wordpress blog (Canneverbeaskinnybish) will be geared towards interviews, features and reflective pieces. I feel like Blogger is better for pictures while Wordpress is great for typing essays and as I didn't want to give up the previous blog or do a full migration as I previously did, I decided to just return to blogger for the Fashion posts.
Now stay tuned for a great WELCOME GIVEAWAY!
Thank you to all those who followed m to Wordpress (in case you didn't, the other blog is HERE)

Please hit to follow/subscribe and I'll follow right back.
Your friendly neighbour,

SKinny Bish

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