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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Atelier Akande presents La Jungle

Good day everybody! Bonjour bonjour!
 Guess who is back and back to blogging as well? 
More on my trip to Cameroon and my business launch but I wanted to quickly share with you an amazing brand I had the pleasure of getting to know in Cameroon. Atelier Akande is what I would describe as a male and female clothing line that caters to the avant garde street wear dresser. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Skinny Bish Does Cameroon 3: Interview with C'Koment Magazine at La Plaza Restaurant Hippodrome

  Hey hey hey! 2 posts in 1 day? Well I have a stable internet connection and am currently in bed suffering from terrible cramps so why not? Speaking of cramps, before coming to Cameroon, I got checked by a gynecologist because I was suffering from abnormal abdominal pain. I now take some for of blood thinners to make my cramps bearable because I started having to call in sick on Day 1 of my period. I would be in bed with terrible back pain, sometimes vomiting, sever bloating, no appetite and an extremely very heavy flow requiring me to change every 1-2 hours. Not fun. These darn fibroids I tell you. Can't wait to take them out after I have children, God-willing.....

Skinny Bish does Cameroon 2- Meet up with Fanny at Espresso Yaounde and SNH Draggage

 Happy New Year everybody! 3 weeks late, I know but I've been very active on my Facebook, Instagram: theonlyskinnbish and Snapchat:onlyskinnybish platforms :)
 I have been enjoying myself thoroughly at home and have been catching up with friends, fans and family. I love how I keep discovering great places to eat and chill across Yaounde.

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