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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Flying without wings

  These photos are some of my favorites ever!
It happened randomly. My photographer and I were walking past an alley and I said I wanted pictures in the alley. He thought it would give the outfit a "New York" vibe and completely agree with him. 

 photo 1-DSC_0176_zpsdph8xaij.jpg

Monday, 20 July 2015

So thick that everybody in the room is so uncomfortable...

Can you tell by now that I'm on a mission to have the largest ankara wardrobe ever? Haha. I get closer to my goal each day...

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Infinity Dashiki

  Who doesn't love Dashiki?! It seems like folks can't get enough of this eye catching African print and I can't blame them.
 I have worn so many dashiki pieces myself but one thing that is currently trending-and probably the greatest dashiki invention, is the Infinity dashiki dresses and skirts. I mean, you get multiple outfits with just 1 fabric!

 photo 1-101MSDCF2_zpsixlvsp3n.jpg

  Ofuure decided to hook me up with both their infinity dashiki dress and jumpsuit and I'll show you my favorite ways to wear them, starting with the dress in this beautiful orange dashiki print!

 photo 1-DSC00099_zpstqeo2s40.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00116_zpsokbigtkp.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00138_zpsrqbitgec.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00137_zps6twf7ull.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00126-001_zpskyi7znby.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00158_zpsvfbyzbnz.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00159_zpsmn7ik86f.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00149_zpsmrn2ylkg.jpg

So how would you style yours?
SKiny Bish

In bright colors

Hellooooooooo whoever still reads my blog! Haha
 I have been away (again) thus the lack of posts but I have some posts on backorder and so will be more frequent- I guarantee it!
 As you all know (unless you're a first time reader), I work for Zuvaa as both their Community manager and chief stylist. With that comes tons of perks, like getting amazing pieces in the mail such as this turquoise dashiki skirt from Ms Alaba Shop for Zuvaa. 

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