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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Skinny Bish Does Cameroon 3: Interview with C'Koment Magazine at La Plaza Restaurant Hippodrome

  Hey hey hey! 2 posts in 1 day? Well I have a stable internet connection and am currently in bed suffering from terrible cramps so why not? Speaking of cramps, before coming to Cameroon, I got checked by a gynecologist because I was suffering from abnormal abdominal pain. I now take some for of blood thinners to make my cramps bearable because I started having to call in sick on Day 1 of my period. I would be in bed with terrible back pain, sometimes vomiting, sever bloating, no appetite and an extremely very heavy flow requiring me to change every 1-2 hours. Not fun. These darn fibroids I tell you. Can't wait to take them out after I have children, God-willing.....

Skinny Bish does Cameroon 2- Meet up with Fanny at Espresso Yaounde and SNH Draggage

 Happy New Year everybody! 3 weeks late, I know but I've been very active on my Facebook, Instagram: theonlyskinnbish and Snapchat:onlyskinnybish platforms :)
 I have been enjoying myself thoroughly at home and have been catching up with friends, fans and family. I love how I keep discovering great places to eat and chill across Yaounde.

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