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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Road to recovery

Guess who's back???!!!

I can't remember the last time I went so long without blogging! I feel like a bad mother or something! Haha

Well, before I go back to posting outfit posts, I at least wanted to drop by and say I'm alive and extremely grateful to all my followers who sent me well wishes during my time away.

So, basically I felt a sudden sharp pain in my lower back while I was trying to take photos of items I wanted to sell from my closet. I do have a history of mild back pain but this pain was like nothing I had ever felt before- I couldn't sit nor stand nor lie down and so my parents thought it best to give me some morphine because I was crying so bad and in so much pain...well, they ended up giving me way too much and I collapsed due to an overdose. I remember my parents calling my name but I couldn't respond...it was such a weird sort of out-of-body experience. 
Well, 911 had to be called and I was taken to the emergency room, given a shot in my hips, vomited and sweated all night and given some really strong anti-inflammatory meds and narcotics. I was just sleeping and eating for 2 days straight and couldn't walk. Being that I serve an awesome God, I started feeling better pretty rapidly and started going for physio and massage therapy and I'm back on my feet now! My back still feels pretty sore but I can sit and walk, even though I hate doing those for long. The meds I was taking made my skin swell-even on my face and my body just felt weird in general but I'm not complaining.

I had amazing friends come visit me almost everyday with all my favorite foods and movies and really felt tremendous love and support from everyone!
I intend to put a video up soon enough just with a hello and some updates and my Fall lookbook should be up by next week as well.

Well, sit tight and stay tuned because once I'm done with therapy tomorrow, I intend to have a post up!

**Update- Here's the link to the video I just put up with the updates!

Brenda's updates. XOXO
SKinny B

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