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Monday, 28 September 2015

Tropical Queen

    As soon as I saw these photos of myself in this outfit I thought- My gosh, I just need a tray full of fruits to balance on my head and I could look like a tropical island girl. Perhaps the earrings were a bit much? Oh well, at the time I though they were a great touch. I'm never scared to admit that sometimes I make "mistakes" with my style but at the end of the day, what is considered a mistake? One person's over the top is another person's average.
 photo 1-DSC_6026_zpsz0oosxq9.jpg

I also noticed that my stomach was bulging in a lot of the photos! Is it perhaps due to a lack of exercise? Weird, because I used to go months without exercising and didn't have this problem and even when I do exercise, it still lingers. Oh well, I don't feel like dwelling on it any longer. Hope you're all doing great!

 photo 1-DSC_6027_zpsitxjxg3k.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_6036_zpsmpqws3j3.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_6042_zpszy3ubqla.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_6063_zps7ru6zbsl.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_6046_zpsftaeynnz.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_6043_zpsz9zatgnw.jpg
 photo 1-DSC_6071_zpsscxwpb7p.jpg

Bustier- c/o: Abrekna

SKinny Bish

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