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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Some last bursts of color

The weather change is becoming very rel these days with morning temperatures in the single digits and I am not looking forward to that. You know how most bloggers can't wait for Fall? Well I sure can. Fall means Winter and Winter here is NO JOKE.
Lots of snow, bad roads, headaches and colds, way longer nights and slippery ice storms.
I was born in the tropics and have never come around to fully embracing this season called Winter, especially in Canada.
Oh well, while I still can, I will rock my colors and prints until I have to wrap them under layers of clothing and coats :)

This outfit was not pre-arranged this time and I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone knows off the shoulder tops and dresses have been quite the hit and I'm always excited to share bargains with you.
This top is the same $68 blouse from Storets but less than half the price!
I wore it with my AQ/AQ skirt and Kate Spade heels I got at just $50 from Winners.

I am currently falling asleep while typing sooo I'm just going to leave this here :)

Top HEREHERE or similar HERE
Have a great weekend!
SKinny Bish

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