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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Peter Pilotto

Well, well, well. It's that time of year again...
 photo DSC05484_zps7d94d524.jpg

I'm referring to that time of the year in between Winter and Spring. When Spring is trying to show its nose but Winter really doesn't want to let go of the reins so you get this weird weather with some days being 2 degrees Celsius and then the following day you have -23 degrees weather. This leaves your body really confused so you get a weird runny nose and cough and have to bundle up only to start sweating a few minutes later.
 photo DSC05496-2_zps13b05bc8.jpg

Oh well, I took advantage of the "warmer" weather to take a few shots of my Peter Pilotto snatch. I wore this number to work as well as to run some errands because to be honest, it's my favorite piece from the collection (even though my mom really isn't a fan of the print, she finds it depressing, lol)! The sweater is so warm and comfortable and a bit loose. I had to get a size Large because everything else was gone at the store.

I also finally succeeded in getting my braids in a perfect bun up-do! *Pats myself on the back* You all know how I struggle with hair and makeup and all those cute things so this is improvement for me! Plus my edges are growing back which is just awesome!
Enjoy the shots and let me know your thoughts.

 photo DSC05487_zpscbefc21d.jpg  photo DSC05495_zps11c7714a.jpg  photo DSC05512_zps39eb02f3.jpg  photo DSC05467_zpsc47c83bd.jpg  photo DSC05510-2_zps04a2e9dd.jpg  photo DSC05563_zpse5dc780b.jpg  photo DSC05469-2_zpse158fd2d.jpg  photo DSC05529-2_zps6cdc4420.jpg  photo DSC05521-2_zps6ae27e49.jpg  photo DSC05567-2_zps5ab75d8c.jpg  photo DSC05559-2_zpsae23a40e.jpg  photo DSC05564_zpsade51ed6.jpg  photo DSC05515_zps755294b3.jpg

Sweater-Peter Pilotto for Target Some items are still left in stores!)
Pants- Baby Phat (really old)
Bag- Zara
Shoes- Shoedazzle

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