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Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Hello Hello Hello beautiful people!
 My oh my have I missed Blogger! Wordpress is great but there's just something about Blogger which I love so much.
 I'm sure you're now wondering, "What on Earth is going on?!?" Well let me explain.
I decided to create a second blog. This blog will be dedicated to strictly outfit posts and fashion while the Wordpress blog (Canneverbeaskinnybish) will be geared towards interviews, features and reflective pieces. I feel like Blogger is better for pictures while Wordpress is great for typing essays and as I didn't want to give up the previous blog or do a full migration as I previously did, I decided to just return to blogger for the Fashion posts.
Now stay tuned for a great WELCOME GIVEAWAY!
Thank you to all those who followed m to Wordpress (in case you didn't, the other blog is HERE)

Please hit to follow/subscribe and I'll follow right back.
Your friendly neighbour,

SKinny Bish

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