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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Africa's Finest feat AFR clothing

Hey everyone! This has been the longest I've gone without blogging for a while but as mentioned in the previous post, I'm in what I call "reflective mode" with this blog and really figuring out some stuff with it. I'll still be posting a lot on my Instagram page so make sure you're keeping up with me there!
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 I've been going back and forth between Montreal and Ottawa and baby-sitting my 2 year old nephew often and boy is this boy stubborn! His favorite words are "no" and "mine!" haha.
 AFR clothing is a recent Zuvaa vendor with an awesome twist! 
 photo 1-DSC01062-001_zps16c1c94a.jpg

"They are a Florida based apparel company with AFRican roots and the brand uses fashion as a vehicle for change as they donate 20% of their profits to send children in AFRica to school through the Amani Hope Scholarship. To date, they have managed to make a difference to children in Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe."

I was fortunate to receive one of their "Africa's Finest" Tees in yellow but don't worry, they have this tee in several colors as well as t-shirts with other slogans.
You can find more HERE and HERE.
 photo 1-DSC01015_zps9ea83a96.jpg
 photo 1-DSC01060_zpsc184b2b9.jpg
 photo 1-DSC01045_zps7baa9815.jpg
 photo 1-DSC01080_zpsdc1edfd4.jpg
 photo 1-DSC01066_zps57fb1bd2.jpg
 photo 1-DSC01068-001_zps7f3a019d.jpg
 photo 1-DSC01095_zpse59ec4d4.jpg

 photo 1-DSC01060_zpsc184b2b9.jpg  photo 1-DSC01096_zps2f2b485f.jpg
                            T-shirt: HERE (Use code BRENDA10  to get 10% off yours!)
Heels: Zara
          Blazer:Asos (old)
                                           Necklace: Zara $15 on sale right now!

SKinny Bish

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