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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

While waiting for a new charger...

Hello again dear readers!Happy Mid-week.
 So I can't seem to fin my camera charger for the life of me and so I'm stuck to using my dear nw iPhone6 phone camera for photos until further notice.
*Edit: my charger just arrived in the mail! Yasss! HD pic shall be coming soon :)

 photo IMG_2384_zps913e1jrh.jpg

I have worn this blue dress several times in the past and had even done a shoot with it once but hated the way the photos turned out.
With my make up on fleek, I decided to give this outfit another shot and I love the results!
 photo IMG_1855_zpskykhiewv.jpg
 photo IMG_1832_zpsul3hmgnk.jpg
 photo IMG_1845_zpsy6ucaqi9.jpg
 photo IMG_1861_zpswclios3x.jpg
 photo IMG_1920_zpsqurl0uj3.jpg
 photo IMG_1818_zpszgo8qf8b.jpg
 photo IMG_1858_zpsec1qeddh.jpg
 photo IMG_1820_zpshtk553jv.jpg

I had the pleasure of hanging out with 1 of Ottawa's best make up artists, Vilma.glam and we had such a blast playing with makeup. She and I shall be doing future collaborations seeing as I loved my face beat so much! Lol  I'm not the best with make up but I learnt o muh with Vilma during our session and can't wait to put into practice!
 photo IMG_1702_zpsitc1bvmg.jpg
 photo IMG_1708_zpsehicezz1.jpg
 photo IMG_1698_zpsq8mfrsfp.jpg

Dress: Sheinside
Heels: Asos
Belt: HERE

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