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Monday, 17 August 2015

Updates upon updates!

My my my!
It's been a minute hasn't it? Well I have been active on social media, just not on the blog.
Wow, since the last post I went on a road trip to several cities in Ontario, went to New York City, met Beyonce's stylists Ty Tyrone as well as the editor-in-chief of one of the most popular fashion sites in the world, Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily and may I say I was starstruck!! Like, Claire is such a role model and I aspire to reach her level one day. She literally started from the bottom and has worked her way to where she is now-which is everywhere! Haha

 photo IMG_1327_zpsrgyrstso.jpg

Let's start with the road trip shall we?
Well my brother and I hit the road and decided to hit up Hamilton, Toronto and some other cities to taste foods and enjoy the scenery. We both attended 1 year of High School in Hamilton and had not been back in years so it was really cool to see our old city. We stayed long enough to watch the latest Mission Impossible movie in the theater and I surprisingly enjoyed it!
We were in Toronto for Caribana, although we really did not attend the festivities. It was still nice to get a feel of the city during one of its busiest festivals of the year.
The pictures are less than perfect in terms of quality but my charger got missing and we can't always get them HD pics now can we? 
Hope you don't mind the camera photos too much.
 photo IMG_0678_zps38wtirbk.jpg
 photo IMG_0724 1_zpsoesf0p1p.jpg
 photo IMG_0679_zpswbxm7hub.jpg
 photo IMG_0680_zpsm1laapoh.jpg  photo IMG_0748_zpszime5skt.jpg  photo 99998049-4ca5-4b7f-aa61-19c1c4fd4bb0_zpslqw8vufo.jpg

Le big bro!
 photo IMG_0768_zpsvgvxciwy.jpg  photo IMG_0772_zpsce7xi0ck.jpg  photo IMG_0776_zpsyfrw3vdh.jpg  photo IMG_0781_zpsr5t82rmk.jpg  photo IMG_0821_zpsqfgkt44m.jpg  photo IMG_0831_zps2y5ewv4z.jpg  photo IMG_0913_zpsd1whczxr.jpg  photo 191d0736-d684-45c9-91e3-2ecf10f37a6e_zpscvugekmq.jpg  photo IMG_0890_zpsv6tlcbss.jpg  photo IMG_0879_zpsbt5oxpkv.jpg  photo IMG_0880_zpsltakir8x.jpg  photo IMG_0929_zpsut6zpkaw.jpg  photo IMG_1066_zpslcjstgu6.jpg
The following weekend, I headed out to the Big Apple for both networking and social purposes. I stayed with a friend I hadn't seen in 9 years! It felt like we were never out of touch and spent a lot of time eating, chatting and drinking mimosas :)
 photo IMG_1173_zps3jynvme8.jpg  photo IMG_1214_zpsxvfymwut.jpg  photo IMG_1188_zpsha6rkkhz.jpg

I met the one and only TY TYRONE, Beyonce's stylist!!!

 photo IMG_1223 1_zpsghlw0wif.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 5_zpslguvunib.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 6_zpsnejyb4tz.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 7_zpsrfgradae.jpg
Also in attendance was the blogger Islandchic77! I featured her a few years ago on my list of top bloggers.

 photo IMG_1236_zpst7mopbob.jpg

The man behind the lens- Pierrre of Visuals by Pierre who is the photographer for Fashion bomb!
 photo IMG_1242_zpsx8oyt21e.jpg

The one and only Claire Sulmers- drools*
 photo IMG_1251_zpsd9bzvwjm.jpg  photo IMG_1259_zpsi9r7qvow.jpg  photo IMG_1282_zpsmpnjrvsc.jpg  photo IMG_1283_zpskljf2qod.jpg  photo IMG_1296_zpsc6q8nn1v.jpg  photo IMG_1301_zpsfjq4drch.jpg  photo IMG_1311_zpsvyqv0b9a.jpg

Of course I had to check this store out :)
 photo IMG_1306_zpsphlvvznf.jpg  photo IMG_1303_zpsgbxmgjex.jpg  photo IMG_1312_zpsnvb4qdqq.jpg On Saturday, we headed out to a club not far from Times Square and what a crazy night it was! We befriended a bride-to-be and her bridal party who invites us over to their table. We had such fun chasing boys off and acting a fool-I mean, that's what NYC is all about right? I must says, the guys are very persistent...
 photo IMG_1348_zpsyv5dlhzy.jpg  photo IMG_1387_zpstkojk28q.jpg  photo IMG_1413_zpspzikqxmz.jpg  photo IMG_1417_zpschze81tc.jpg  photo IMG_1424 1_zpsnhejyckg.jpg  photo IMG_1428_zpsa0sifxz6.jpg  photo IMG_1438_zps5tnrhyvd.jpg  photo IMG_1441 1_zpsnzhixo8j.jpg  photo IMG_1444_zpsxgyodq7f.jpg  photo IMG_1445_zpsdjgp6unn.jpg
Of course I had to try out some yummy eating spots and we headed out to Harlem for brunch on Sunday. It was this African boulangerie/diner in the West side of Harlem-which by the way has come a long way from what I recall.
 photo IMG_1445_zpsdjgp6unn.jpg  photo IMG_1459_zpstsh1kt26.jpg  photo IMG_1458_zpsjkps7d9i.jpg

And to end it all, a nice stroll in Central Park..
 photo IMG_1487 1_zpsru5awf9d.jpg  photo IMG_1500_zpsd2cxshrs.jpg  photo IMG_1506_zpsqg4w0tge.jpg  photo IMG_1517_zpsfd7qp9we.jpg  photo IMG_1519_zpsqx7zvwih.jpg

                                 Outfit details
Outfit 1- Black jumpsuit:Wearing a Medium
Outfit 2- Cut out maxi:Under $20!
Outfit 3-Mini skirt- Zuvaa
Outfit 4- Custom made Niapsou dress
Outfit 5- Dashiki shirts: Zuvaa

SKinny Bish

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