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Monday, 25 April 2016

Hokie pokie Spring

The weather is teasing me and I'm not finding it funny. It's like we're playing the hokey pokey. One day it's a beautiful 20 degrees Celsius and then next day we are getting a chance of snow and lots of wind? Only in Canada!
One of the easiest ways to dress for such unpredictable weather is with maxi skirts! They look appropriate in just about any weather. 

I saw this beauty a few weeks back while I was away in Alberta and was able to use my points to almost completely cover the cost of it- I ended up paying about $5 out of pocket!
Let's not talk about the extra cleavage I'm making you deal with as a result of big boob problem number 201- Shirts don't button properly!

Shirt- Zara

SKinny Bish

**P.S. I am aware of this very annoying Photobucket message showing up everywhere. I have no idea what the issue is and apologize about it! :(

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