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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sunflower power!

Ayeeeee! How is everyone doing?! 
My oh my I have been all around North America WORKING like the rent was due last weekend!
I was travelling and moving into a new place at the same time and it was all very crazy but God saw me through.
 I was travelling for both my jobs- my day job and Zuvaa. Let's talk about my Zuvaa assignment because it's more exciting!

 My boss (the founder of zuva.com) invoited me to come out to DC and help head our pop up shop there 2 weeks ago. Boy oh boy was it CRAZY! It was our busiest pop up shop to date and the checkout line was all the way done the block! I have never seen so many people in such a small space. Needless to say the company is expanding and we learnt a huge session- Zuvaa is getting big! I'm so excited for the growth. I did not eat for over 20 hours because we were just that busy and I kid you not, I could not stand on the heels of my feet because they hurt so much but I was so excited. I honestly fee like I lost weight in 2 days with all the running around I was doing. It was cool to experience New Jersey and DC and we got to enjoy a little DC night life and the comfort of hotel rooms throughout. I can't wait for my next trip!
Enough about that, how are you guys? I honestly wish I could blog more enough but I'll keep it real and not promise you that because I know how busy my life is going to get from now on. Do keep up with me on Snapchat: onlyskinnybish

Now to the outfit! I had a mini Zara splurge and this print caught my eye. I tend to shy away from Zara pants because they fit so tight and are created for more "straight" body shapes but these wide leg trousers fit amazing! Yes to the flower power.

 photo DSC_0684_zpsywpfpso9.jpg

Crop top and pants- Zara

SKinny Bish

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