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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Allow me to re-introduce myself: Brenda the Entrepreneur

I. Quit. My. Job.

Not only that, I quit all jobs.
How many of us have dreamt of saying or yet typing this? 
I have been struggling with my thoughts for years. I knew I loved African fashion, dressing up, travelling, taking and directing photo shoots, making money and hated working for someone. The question was, what job would allow me to do all this on my own schedule and pace and make me enough money? I mean I have a dream income and I love nice things but I hate waking up and taking orders from someone...

After years and years of trying to come up with a title, I thought, why don't I create this position? No one seemed to have this sort of job opening available anyways.
I now had an idea I had to put to paper, which has now been done! My business is registered and I have decided to leave the "employee" world to become self-employed. Being entrepreneurial and working a regular job is liking caging a wild bird. We just can't be confined. Our thoughts and dreams run free and bigger than any office or desk job.
Am I scared-slightly but more excited than anything. I am ready to be broke, fall on my face, get back up and learn and grow over the years. 

 Over the past months, I was working extremely hard on my Business Plan as well as presenting my plan and idea to fellow entrepreneurs as well as influential investors and the response has been amazing! I have been in a room full of mostly older Caucasian men as well as my peers and both have been able to appreciate what it is I am doing, which is an amazing first start!

As this project is still in its beginning stages, I will not divulge every nitty-gritty detail but would let you know my business revolves around African fashion and bringing you trendy, AFFORDABLE yet HIGH-QUALITY items straight from the motherland and also educating our designers on the business side of things. It won't be your typical e-commerce site though, oh no. Everyone is doing that and that's no way to stand out. A lot of you have said it was bound to happen but to say is different from actually doing.
I will be travelling to the motherland to launch the first steps and would be posting frequently on Instagram on Snapchat (onlyskinnybish) so I urge you to keep up with me there and see first-hand what it is like for a young woman to run a start-up!
I would also be needing your support in a few months once my site goes live so please remember me :)
 I have entrusted these plans into God's hands and I know I shall be successful. 
Now keep me in all your prayers and send me positive vibes. You are all treasured and I can't wait to be back here with another update! 


                            SKinny Bish

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