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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Skinny Bish Does Cameroon-1

  Unless you do not follow me on Facebook, Instagram nor Snapchat, you would know that I have been in Cameroon for the past 2 weeks! 
 After my big announcement in the last post,  I knew I had to start at home. I had not been to Cameroon in 10 years-imagine that!
As soon as I landed at the Douala airport, I could feel the heat coming through.

I am here both for business and pleasure. Right now, everyone is so focused on the holidays that it's really best to kick back and enjoy until the holiday madness ceases. I have been eating foods I have missed but also eating organic and tastier fruits, sweet potatoes and plantains! My biggest challenges are stable electricity (lol) and network but it's not as bad as I had thought.
 I am currently in my village, Baham, where (if you follow me on social media) I am getting cultured on both my village's history as well as my family history. I have learnt so much about my roots, the kingdom of Baham, my brave paternal grandfather I never met and uncles and aunties I probably would not have liked to meet.
I have learnt how French colonization broke my family and how because of this, my father and grandmother had to hide in a cave all day and come out at night just for food, in order to avoid being killed.
Here are some snap shots of my stay so far.
Thee know if you have questions or wish to learn more about my culture :)

Oh, by the way, I celebrated my birthday 3 days ago! Yay!

SKinny Bish

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