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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Skinny Bish Does Cameroon 3: Interview with C'Koment Magazine at La Plaza Restaurant Hippodrome

  Hey hey hey! 2 posts in 1 day? Well I have a stable internet connection and am currently in bed suffering from terrible cramps so why not? Speaking of cramps, before coming to Cameroon, I got checked by a gynecologist because I was suffering from abnormal abdominal pain. I now take some for of blood thinners to make my cramps bearable because I started having to call in sick on Day 1 of my period. I would be in bed with terrible back pain, sometimes vomiting, sever bloating, no appetite and an extremely very heavy flow requiring me to change every 1-2 hours. Not fun. These darn fibroids I tell you. Can't wait to take them out after I have children, God-willing.....

Back to the topic at hand if I may. I was super excited to be approached by Cathy from C'Koment magazine for an interview last week. They follow me on social media and saw I was back in Yaounde, the nation's capital. We met up at La Plaza Restaurant at Hippodrome and boy was I pleasantly surprised. The entrance is a little hidden but this place is definitely a hidden gem! The waiters are all in well-groomed suits and clean-shaven, the decor is inspirational, the freshly blended natural cocktails are fresh and the food is top-notch! I had shrimp skewers and fries (of course) and that's all I ate until bed time (11pm). The portion size wasn't anything out of the ordinary but the food was just that satisfying. Cathy had some meat with fries and we delved right into chatting. 

She asked me everything from blogging to my new business venture. Do check out the full interview (in French) Here.
 After that, I paid a quick visit to Dream Boutique, an upscale furniture and clothing store owned by my friend, Amanda. I love how so many of my friends are about that entrepreneurial life. Her staff was extremely helpful in assisting me complete my purchase and the boutique itself is very well-maintained. Plush chairs, trendy clothing, make up, luxury bags and shoes and more. I recommend you check it out if you find yourself in Yaounde. It is located directly opposite Ecole Publique Bastos.

Till the next adventure...

SKinny Bish
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