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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Atelier Akande presents La Jungle

Good day everybody! Bonjour bonjour!
 Guess who is back and back to blogging as well? 
More on my trip to Cameroon and my business launch but I wanted to quickly share with you an amazing brand I had the pleasure of getting to know in Cameroon. Atelier Akande is what I would describe as a male and female clothing line that caters to the avant garde street wear dresser. 

I visited the atelier in Bastos, Yaounde and from the outside, I assumed I would not be able to afford much more than a T-shirt but to my greatest shock, the prices were much more affordable than imagined and I was able to snag myself a net monochrome jacket which you would be seeing me style soon, and cost me 15,000 FCFA, which is the equivalent of about $35! There were unisex kimonos, double zipper bomber jackets-which is a signature of Akande's and more.
 With brands, what gets my attention is of course the merchandise, but what keeps me coming back is more than that-it's the connection.
I was able to connect with Alexander, the founder and creative director behind Atelier Akande. This young and well-connected man is not just the face associated with his brand, but he is also behind all the decisions revolving around the clothing, logistics, branding, photography and everything in-between. We had lengthy discussions about the Cameroon fashion industry, or shall I say the lack thereof.
 Without further ado, I am honored to be exclusively releasing the images from his Ankara Miami showcase of his latest collection- La Jungle, which translates to "The Jungle"
 The pieces would be available within the next couple of weeks and I already know what I'm getting-the scuba cape!

Do make sure to follow Atelier Akande on Instagram Here

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  1. Which page builder are you using to create these pages?

  2. What a great show it is Brenda, thanks for sharing!

  3. ahh..Looks like an amazing show

  4. I am a great fan of your blog and i just wanted to wish you a great year ahead!

  5. This is awesome! Every time I see you have new content the first thing I do is put the kettle on for a coffee. Keep it coming!

  6. Excellent show! Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Lovely blog! Thank you for sharing.


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