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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


There's some stupid unwritten rule I had read somewhere: "no white (especially white shoes) unless it's Labor Day."
 Well that's one of the most silly things I've ever heard! I think white is such a loud and vibrant color without doing much and there's just something about a lady in all-white.
Today is my country's National Day so to celebrate, why not do an all-white post?!
The skirt and top are both from H&M-2 very different sections of the store, lol.
I loved the mixture of the different textures of the fabrics and they ended up complimenting each other.

*Avez-vous deja entendue parle d'une certaine loi dans le monde du mode qui interdit la portee de la couleur blanche a part la journee de la fete de travail? Je pense c'es l'une des choses les plus stupides que je n'ai entendue de ma vie, haha. 
C'est la fete national de mon pays, le Cameroun et j'ai decide de feter avec cette jolie tenue blanche!*

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have noticed I had mentioned that I will be adding water marks to my photos because they seem to be ending up everywhere and I would like people to be redirected to my site. It sucks how some people will never give you credit where credit is due but oh well...

Top and skirt- H&M

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