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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Afrobeat 2014 presented by the University of Toronto,St George

Hello my lovelies!
 If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that this weekend, I attended Afrobeat, the University of Toronto's annual cultural show downtown Toronto.
This year's host was the amazing T-Boy of Don't Jealous Me and I had the honour of interviewing him (the interview should be up by the end of the week) and he is so fun and madly talented at what he does. My cheeks were hurting by the time he was done!
 photo DSC06816_zpsb5645e03.jpg 

You probably know by now that something I like probably just as much as beautiful fashion is decor and the two go hand in hand in my opinion. I loved the way the students transformed this church hall into a beautiful soiree setting and to top it off, the food was scrumptious! (I actually went home with samosas and no, I am not ashamed!) 
 I brought along  my camera and here is a glimpse into the event.
Hope you enjoy.
   photo DSC06838_zps6ac01b6e.jpg  photo DSC06842_zps755a63c0.jpg  photo DSC06905_zps00657a6d.jpg  photo DSC06908_zps269583bd.jpg

This crop top/skirt number is by ZnaK Designs!
 photo DSC06911_zpsdb6cbc25.jpg

 photo DSC06915_zpsbebf8a36.jpg
This orange crop top/skirt number by Tehilah Designs
 photo DSC06910_zpsa7106332.jpg  photo 1bf5594e-215e-4fcb-8e8e-a24f1831d1c3_zpse1630877.jpg  photo 65d05dda-6c32-4e00-b5e5-87ef06980c71_zps5f7368cf.jpg  photo DSC06920_zpscbc29fb7.jpg  photo 92f541a0-bce2-450c-9541-3ed1728b5148_zps3366f8fc.jpg  photo bf3de2ad-3dec-4e37-9e3b-8677d2b6dc35_zps705d86e0.jpg  photo 3bfb3616-539a-4c21-88b9-0be36c0e1e3c_zpsb1b17db5.jpg  photo f35c03d4-2376-4144-bb1b-400b1f9d1232_zps9eefc756.jpg  photo c82f186d-d448-40a1-ad44-a052ee987184_zps57fefb8b.jpg  photo 1bf74de0-e5dd-4093-8eb3-5fa5a11c7652_zps9a6cbf94.jpg  photo 6ff9ee6d-c984-4991-ad81-eb985eab45a2_zps39ac2fea.jpg  photo 38f53254-9e2e-4ccf-a614-1ecf3e86e11f_zps7ad27756.jpg  photo 360baac1-f710-49ec-a333-a2776977c08e_zps6bd87c95.jpg  photo aff9dbaa-7f0f-42a5-a1ff-6a3dbf2599b6_zps855b6107.jpg
 photo photo12_zps9e15e256.jpg
SKinny Bish
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