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Monday, 3 March 2014

Ankara Peplum

As you all obviously know, I have the hugest obsession with Ankara! 
I'm fortunate enough to be collaborating with an up and coming designer, Miss Beida Fashion who is just amazing at sewing all these cute and unique pieces. These 2 Ankara peplum jackets are so unique and versatile. 
The first one is so fiery and of course I had to pair it with my red Asos chain bag and Rihanna Viva Mac glam lipstick.
 photo e887dfb3-f46d-487a-9fe0-31cb2cca3f93_zps4f6a3cd4.jpg

 photo 06551408-5487-4ec5-871c-bbaa29a5e768_zps38f268c7.jpg  photo f1505a12-7bcc-462a-a787-31ef5ecc4d24_zps9a74eed4.jpg  photo 37e4aa44-e9db-4c99-a3af-d14869df5034_zpsf866dcf6.jpg  photo DSC06124_zpsba825875.jpg  photo 0570b20f-b089-4747-a295-e7f7e8d94e96_zps126772b4.jpg  photo ce3f71e5-b5a1-423f-8f24-220674c5e314_zps3d33e03b.jpg  photo 41f2f04f-0ae7-4424-b66b-6eda967d8c9b_zps22e7242a.jpg  photo d6184b1b-d7c3-4536-a6da-7e25d76ebd39_zpsf0ba58d9.jpg

 photo photo12_zps4f44bcef.jpg

Peplum Jacket number 2 is more blue-sy and so I decided to go with a more neutral bag-my latest Topshop purchase (and as seen in my recent haul video).
 photo 188c5a1b-e040-48a0-99c0-96a876e8af46_zpsd9086ff9.jpg  photo 432ff536-e69e-4b04-8d7f-cad5444fe388_zps8cff7525.jpg  photo cba62b62-0d18-4aa8-9dfa-07f12a64f65f_zpscfe54af3.jpg  photo 899b2bf3-141e-4509-a3d0-8ca8ed90fa46_zps84099fe8.jpg  photo DSC06047_zpsbdd04061.jpg  photo 234669ab-ee3d-4df4-b221-75c5c47065f3_zps091c6fdc.jpg Which jacket do you prefer?
You can find more of Miss Beida's collections HERE

***P.S. Thank you all so so much for voting for me as Best Blogger at the Black Canadian Awards! The ceremony has been post poned to June 7th so voting will resume in a few months! We can still win this!***

SKinny Bish
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