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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Toronto Fashion Week-AKA World MasterCard Fashion Week

Good morning Lovelies!
 Let me first apologize for 2 things: First, all those who followed me and I haven't been able to follow back, GFC seems to be having some issues and isn't allowing me to follow anyone but I promise to follow back once the issue is resolved!
 photo DSC06458_zps3d2a3af5.jpg

 Secondly, I apologize for my inactiveness on the blog, this is due to my computer just having some MAJOR issues and issues I have with Future Shop and their ridiculous warranty policies! Long story short, never buy something at Future SHop and decide to return it without asking the manager for a full list of non-refundable items! Grrr!

On another note, Toronto Fashion Week is here! Remember how last year I had told you I wouldn't attend unless I wasn't paying? Welll guess what, I'm on the guest list so no fare for me! Haha.
International supermodel Coco Rocha was spotted on Monday so I hope to see some more celebrities today, haha.
Here is my outfit of the day. I went for a metallics+color theme and voila!

 photo 33bdecdb-1ff5-4ab7-ba77-8e429dfd66fb_zpsb8adf534.jpg  photo c34a4214-b82b-44c8-a9e1-e0ffd8607772_zps4c9eaa92.jpg  photo DSC06484_zps98014de7.jpg  photo DSC06500_zps0dd17c87.jpg  photo DSC06463_zpsfba80382.jpg  photo f1820cc7-ece3-47d7-8f80-688260b35ddd_zps9f8539a1.jpg

Jacket: Virgos lounge
Skirt:   Midi skirt
Clutch: eBay
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