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Monday, 20 July 2015

So thick that everybody in the room is so uncomfortable...

Can you tell by now that I'm on a mission to have the largest ankara wardrobe ever? Haha. I get closer to my goal each day...

What if I told you this skirt suit is not a set? I got the blazer as a gift from Rahyma Sleek designs last year and the skirt was purchased a couple of months ago from Zuvaa.com. They prints are slightly different but you'll only really notice if you go looking for it.
I knew I had to get to skirt to complement this stunning blazer that cinches at the waist with a peplum flare.

 I'm back to taking my own photos for now as I seem to not be able to coordinate with any photographers and really hate depending on people. I may use a photographer here and there but for now, it's me and my beloved tripod and remote control :)
 photo 1-DSC00073_zpso8ckyeaa.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00018_zpsfnmlugxy.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00052_zpsjwczfh3z.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00070_zpsdfqhygr3.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00075_zpsthegcqn7.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00077_zpsusaibcdl.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00036_zpsj2bb8jdb.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00030_zpscrivei9e.jpg
 photo 1-DSC00080_zpsmblmmq2h.jpg

Blazer: HERE
Heels-Liliy's Kloset
Necklace- H&M

SKinny Bish

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