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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sunshine on a rainy day

You know when you have an outfit all planned out, down to the shoes and your make up...and then it starts to rain! Anyone else loathe that as much as I do?
 Est-ce que ca vous arrive d'avoir une tenue en tete que vous allez portez un  certain jour et puis quand le jour arrive, le temps est affreux?

 Est-ce que vous detestez ceci autant que moi? Eh bien, je n'ai pas laisse le mauvais temps determine mon habillement cette fois-ci avec cette tenue!
Well, this neon set from missguided had been pre-planned for a while until the gloomy weather hit Toronto. ANother trend I've been noticing are palm tree prints! Try adding them to your look to brighten up your day :) 
Sometimes bad weather is a catalyst to dress in drab colours so I decided to fight that urge and brighten up the day with this set! The umbrella was the perfect accessory.
 Please excuse the night time pictures, these were taken after sunset!


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