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Friday, 20 June 2014

Transitioning to Summer

Who's ready for (official) summer?!?! I am!
I thought I would put together a brief post highlighting what I believe are key pieces for a stylish summer wardrobe after being asked to participate in this campaign by www.raise.com, which is a marketplace to buy and sell gift cards!

The campaign which raise.com is holding is called Closet Swap and focuses on summer fashion trends.

Without further ado, here are my summer picks!

-First off, you may want some BOLD color! This can be in the form of a solid-colored piece like this one: 

Or it could be in the form of some bold and bright jewelry such as this statement necklace.

Or your bold color could come in the form of a pair of pants.

Secondly, you may want some bold prints/patterns. These can be mixed with neutral colors to tone things down such as below:

Or you can go all out with the bold print and color!

Summer is also about co-ordinates for me. The bolder the better!

Another trend I love to try during the summer is all-white! It just looks divine with the brighter days!

So, tell me; which of these trends is your favorite??

SKinny Bish

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