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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

They told her to cover up her legs

I was just here thinking to myself, "Wow, I have some amazing people who read my blog, relate to me or tell me I have influenced them in some way when once upon a time, when I had just started blogging, some insignificant nincompoop had told me my legs were to muscular and to cover them up....

Oh how I have grown and matured and all I can do is laugh...and smile...and laugh some more.

J'etais juste en train de reflechir ici dans ma chambre quand je me suis rappelez d'une fois quand je venais tout juste de commencer avec mon blog, quand quelqu'un m'avais ecrire pour me dire que mes pieds etaient trop musculaire et je n'etais pas suppose de porter des jupes/robes courtes. omme j'ai grandi depuis ce temps-la! Haha. J'avais pris ce commentaire tres mal.

Thank YOU who is reading this right now for checking out the blog!
I plan on contacting some of my most dedicated followers personally to thank you so much for any word of encouragement you may have provided me along the way. You rock!

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