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Sunday, 28 December 2014


Wow, a quarter of a century gone by, just like that! 
I went to bed late Christmas Day just to receive a special call from a loved one and when I woke up on the 26th, I first of all mediated for a good 30 minutes. I don't know why but I just felt like reflecting on the past years gone by. 

 photo 1-DSC09360_zps35354e29.jpg
I thought about how far I've come- a baby born in a clinic in Libreville, Gabon who moved to New York, then back to my homeland Cameroon and now Canada.
I reflected on everything from past crushes and dates to teachers I hated. I reflected on faces I can never forget but names that I couldn't recall. I reflected on failed relationships, times I thought I was wiser than my parents, my parents' mistakes I do not wish to repeat, and then I started to think about the future-starting with next year's aspirations. I envisioned what I wish to accomplish next year, how I wish to accomplish them and what needs to be done.
 The beauty of having a birthday towards the end of the year is you get to reflect and create next year's drawing board a little earlier than most.
 I love the woman I've become and continue to become- a confident, kind, God-fearing and beautiful African woman who is in touch with her roots and knows what she wants. Of course I have my bad days, but I thank God I get to dust off and get back up and I have an amazing support system right behind me. I can't wait for the rest of my life :)

 photo 1-DSC09251_zps9c2da3b4.jpg  photo 1-DSC09355_zps96473425.jpg  photo 1-DSC09340_zpsbbb29e82.jpg  photo 1-DSC09413_zps71a2a4bc.jpg  photo 1-DSC09415_zps3602937f.jpg  photo 1-DSC09364_zpsc71b704d.jpg

My friends threw a small last minute dinner party for me! I was soo happy!!

 photo 1-DSC09425_zps733f1f82.jpg  photo 1-DSC09427_zps31c21832.jpg  photo 1-DSC09434_zps3b6fc4bf.jpg  photo 1-DSC09436_zpsfaee666f.jpg  photo 1-DSC09438_zps0049d128.jpg  photo 1-DSC09442_zps1bd64ffa.jpg  photo 1-DSC09444_zpsb500d83d.jpg  photo 1-DSC09450_zps6017d002.jpg  photo 1-DSC09451_zps4aa78c51.jpg  photo 1-DSC09460_zps04d80db7.jpg  photo 1-DSC09465_zps4490841a.jpg  photo 1-DSC09470_zps724a5397.jpg  photo 1-DSC09476_zpsa5c61407.jpg  photo 1-DSC09480_zps0cb65fdf.jpg  photo 1-DSC09485_zpsdf9d3d44.jpg  photo 1-DSC09489_zps63e02c8a.jpg  photo 1-DSC09500_zpsb267588d.jpg  photo 1-DSC09508_zps9359fde2.jpg  photo 1-DSC09422_zpsa73b9220.jpg  photo 1-DSC09421_zpsdfd63a6e.jpg
Dress- HERE
Body tattoo- HERE

SKinny Bish

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