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Monday, 8 December 2014

Feeling unaccomplished? Unworthy? Not good enough? You're not alone...

Sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and disappear. no. Scratch that. A LOT of times I feel like just curling into a ball and disappearing, just for a while, not forever.
Who am I kidding? Don't let social media fool you. I have had way too many sad days and too many shed tears this year and sometimes when I look at the big picture I think woah-where AM I HEADED?
I think to myself: I'm going to be 25. Have no career, no husband nor fiance, no kids, no money...so what am I doing again?

I know I'm probably being hard on myself but oh well...
2014 sucked. Yes, I've said it. This year was the worst one ever when I reflect and compare it to others. 
Too many deaths, failed businesses, sickness, lost employment, issues with the law and sick people-and that's just within the family.

I won't let that ruin my life though. I sulked but I carry on. Dusted myself off and am still standing and will continue to fight because when you've reached such a low, how can you not go up from now on? The best is yet to come and won't it be nice.

Well, I decided to put a video together giving you a better glimpse at the demons I fought in 2014.
Would love to know your thoughts!

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