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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Do it Like Duchess Kate

Hello lovelies!!
 It's 4 days to Christmas and I'm finally looking forward to it now that I have actual plans for it!

When I first spotted this dress on Etsy almost a year ago, I knew it would be a cute piece to add  to my wardrobe and the buttons at the top and the cut reminded me of something Duchess Kate Middleton would wear.

 photo 1-DSC08491_zpsbec7731f.jpg

This hat is currently my favorite headpiece and it comes with clips attached that way it doesn't fall off my head-which is a necessity when your hair is as big as mine!

 photo 1-DSC08504-001_zpsb421419a.jpg  photo 1-DSC08487_zpse191ecac.jpg  photo 1-DSC08466_zps5853e3b8.jpg  photo 1-DSC08426_zps3ecc3927.jpg  photo 1-DSC08430_zpsea6adb3c.jpg  photo 1-DSC08495_zps03a491c0.jpg  photo 1-DSC08507_zps5e07c102.jpg  photo 1-DSC08525_zpscccee16a.jpg

Dress- Etsy
Heels- Zara
Faux fur scarf- eBay

SKinny Bish
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