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Thursday, 20 November 2014

New city, new province and I'm still standing

I'm alive, I promise! Haha

As I had mentioned all over my social media platforms, I moved out of Toronto and to...Montreal, Quebec! Boy oh boy, the process was tedious to say the least and I had to get rid of as many items as possible but I did it!

I'm not nearly settled in and I have soo much to get done this weekend but I intend to have a video up with more details on what exactly is going on and why this sort of last minute move happened.

I won't lie, my life is really not where I'd have hoped it would be when I was younger and envisioning myself and at times I feel like I have achieved so little and like I'm running out of time but then I have to sit and think of all the things I HAVE accomplished. Who am I to say I am running out of "time?" What time? Who decides how much time we have to accomplish certain goals? Do I really have to be married by 25? 
 I really want to share all this in my next video sooo stay tuned!

Now to the outfit- black is my go-to color during the winter and child I'm not about to stand outside to take these photos so get used to my indoor shots, lol.

I'm in love with this cape blazer I got as a gift from sheinside.com.
It's so chic and I got tons of compliments when I wore it to a friend of a friend's birthday party. It only cost $25!!

Blazer- HERE
SKirt- Topshop
Boots- Joseph Altuzarra

SKinny Bish

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