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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Stars and stripes but why the nudity?

I've noticed something. Something that I wish weren't true but reality is, it's very true and probably not going to change anytime soon. What I've noticed is the less clothes a blogger wears, the more popular she seems to get!
I've noticed it personally and around the blogsophere. Why should I be surprised-you're probably thinking. It applies in everyday life where scantily clad women get more attention so why should it be any different with bloggers?

Well, let's just say I had high hopes! When I personally post a more "sexy" pic, yes, I notice more interactions and responses, I won't like but that's once in a while. I like to keep things classy not trashy, especially when temperatures are dropping, lol.
Anyways, enough of that!
Let's talk about this unique skirt! Another gift from the lovely folks at N'omose couture. I love the very eye-catching print as well as the length- not too long to be dragging on the floor!

Skirt- HERE

P.S. Don't forget to checkout my latest video HERE

SKinny Bish

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