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Friday, 5 September 2014

2 for 1

Well, well, well. Since I like to try and keep things honest here, I have a confession. I had taken photos in these 2 outfits but well, I didn't like the way they turned out! At the time, they seemed fine but then when I uploaded them to my computer, the shoes seemed wrong in one and I didn't like the way my hair turned out in another set, haha! The struggles of blogging right?

Well I was excited to have been contacted by online retailer abaday.com and was able to pick out these 2 items which I feel are great representations of my style!

This first dress is a winner for both work and play. I have worn it to the office as well as during the weekends as it's so light and bright! I love all the prints going on especially!

Dress on sale HERE.

The second dress looks like a similar shirt dress that was sold at Zara a while back so  I seized the opportunity to rock this replica as I couldn't afford the Zara version at the time. It fits a little snug and not the most flattering in the hip area but could definitely be worn as a top instead.

Dress can be bought HERE

So which do you prefer? 1 or 2?

Outfit 1- Dress HERE
Floral head piece-Asos

Outfit 2- Dress-HERE

SKinny B

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