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Friday, 26 September 2014

Halloween outfit inspirations

  I'm not really into Halloween. To be honest, growing up in New York, when Halloween came around, we were the ones who gave out candy but never went trick-or-treating. My parents were very traditional and dare I say, paranoid,lol. They are/were typical African parents who learnt of Halloween when we came to North America and really didn't see the point of this festivity and to be honest, neither do I.

I don't celebrate Halloween but it doesn't mean I can't find a way to look chic and get in the Halloween spirit in a trendy way and choies.com came to my rescue with their trendy Halloween-inspired pieces. 

First off, we have a look perfect for a Halloween party. I recycled my high-low midi skirt and paired with an off-shoulder crop top and a cute black mask c/o Choies. The mask instantly makes the outfit more mysterious and sexy-great for Halloween.

*Another mask option HERE

For option number 2, I went for a casual-dressy look featuring a white Marilyn Monroe print sweatshirt and my cut out Nasty Gal skirt. The sweatshirt makes enough of a Halloween statement on its own I would think. 

and lastly, another sweatshirt featuring y favorite villain EVER- Heath Ledgers' Joker from The Dark Knight!! You don't now many times I watched that movie because of his character!
My favorite line? -Why So Serious?
So this sweatshirt was perfect for me! You can get it HERE.

So tell me, which outfit is your favorite?
Do you celebrate Halloween?

SKinny B

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