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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Let's Talk: Sosoxy: Express yourself through your socks...+ a giveaway!

Hello my dear readers!
 I hope you're all having a great week thus far and continue to enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy posting!

Today, I'm introducing most of you to something new- the art of expressing yourself through your socks! I know the look you're probably having on your faces is similar to the one I originally had- HUH? Don't worry, I-or rather Mr Kanmi Falade, will explain further.

Sosoxy is basically a community that is passionate about their socks, as well as ready to connect with people. With a membership, you are entitled to a free pair of socks that come with a very unique design as well as access to a community of other sock lovers like yourself. I decided to have a sit-down with Kanmi, one of the co-founders to find out more about this.

1) Can you tell the readers what exactly Sosoxy is?
Sosoxy is the belief that you can express yourself creatively through your socks as well as connect with other people through a love of socks, which is sexy. Those are basically what our designs, ideas, practices and values are based on. 
We created a subscription model so that customers could express themselves as well as getting their monthly pair of socks, People want the experience, this isn't just about selling socks, so we created an environment that people would enjoy and would love to share with someone else.

2) How did you become a part of the project?
My friend, Michael, he's a sock guy. He loves the different designs of socks and all that. I wasn't really into socks but he made me get really into them after giving me a pair as a gift, which I actually wear to work. He had the idea that we should design our own socks. We both have experience working on projects so we decided to combine our knowledge, create the company and we grew from there.
As for the fashion part, what really made me get into fashion was my wife Tolu. I received a lot of encouragement to make sure my wardrobe was up to date.

3) Why that name (Sosoxy)?
It was actually Michael who came up with it.
Sosoxy, is the brainchild of Michael Bosompra, Chris Yang (currently pursuing other interests) and Kanmi Falade and is basically a community that is passionate about their socks, as well as ready to connect with people. It is currently run by Michael, Kanmi & Lloyd
He was taking a shower (*insert racy shower +socks comment here*) and he had been thinking about socks for a long time. So he was wondering what he could name his sock company if he ever had one and he though "sosoxy" because it's So sexy. He was playing with the words. 
It was really an impromptu moment-no science behind it, not formula-it just landed.
We believe we, as men, feel sexier with creative socks and if I can connect with someone else through socks, that's sexy too.

Here's a look at the 1st sock shipment! Sosoxy was kind enough to gift me with a pair and 1 lucky reader will also be getting 1 as well as a special discount!

4) So are the sock designs and prints owned by you or can someone go to Walmart for example and buy them?
 Our designs are all unique and designed by us, no copy and paste. We start from scratch and go through the process and then talk to our manufacturer. We look at what we would like to wear and what others would like to wear. We also meet demands for some folks who just want some really nice socks but don't want the hassle of shopping for them.
Our manufacturer cannot print the designs for another person. There's so much detail and work that goes into this. You must know your color number, vector diagram, describe dimensions in order to get to the final stage where the manufacturer can give us a sample.

5) How far ahead do you have to design the socks before you get to that sample stage?
Between the design and getting the sample and going back to the manufacturer and getting the design just right-about 3-4 weeks.
It's never easy because you're customizing something here. If it was just a matter of re-selling someone else's design, that would be much easier. When you're creating from scratch, a lot more goes into it but that's a choice we made. The equity, brand and the experience we want to give our customers relies on this.
We call ourselves "chief Soxy officers!"

6) Can you briefly describe the subscription process and how easy is it to unsubscribe as well? (Not that anyone would ever do so)
Subscription is just a matter of clicking "JOIN" ON THE SITE PAGE.
It's pretty easy to unsubscribe. We have made it clear in the FAQs though that if a customer doesn't like anything, to tell us why first. We don't believe there is a reason why you would not like the socks.
On our site, there is a question on returns and sure you can return a pair of socks but it's impossible not to like the socks.
All feedback received allows us to learn [and grow] as a company.

7) Now for the pricing of the socks. Some people may find it a little steep. WOuld you ever consider reducing the subscription price?
 We did talk a lot about pricing before launching and we determined that it's not just socks we're selling but also an experience. It's similar to getting an iPhone or Samsung phone. You get these items because you want that experience. Pricing is a factor but the consumer decides if the experience is worth the price and we believe that is the case here. especially as the socks are made in Canada and our manufacturer is local. So we believe the $15/month subscription is worth it.

8) Are there ever any subscription discounts?
Not subscription discounts but there are special offers. For example we recently had a promotion 1 month ago where customers were able to win a free pair. We also have gift cards that are for specific events we are going to where you get your fourth month free by subscribing for 3 months. These do not happen all the time so you have to look out for them. 
We post these to our blog as well as our other social media platforms. 
We call our subscribers "sole mates" because we all believe connecting with other folks through socks is sexy.

So can the subscribers put their pictures up? Maybe you could have a slogan, "Find your sole mate on sosoxy!"
Exactly!... But no, we don't want it tuning into something else.

I do want to however stress on the fact that the subscription is a wonderful, wonderful gift. Not everyone is a sock person, like I have a wardrobe of socks. It does however make a great gift for someone else. It could be a promotion gift, a birthday gift or whatever. We believe the greatest use of Sosoxy is the gift giving aspect, especially for someone like myself who loves socks.

9) Will Sosoxy ever branch into other accessories such as ties or would you want it to remain strictly about socks.
Right now it is all about socks but no one knows what the future holds. If the need for anything else arises then we would look into that and make some magic happen but for now Sosoxy is a sock subscription company for a full sexy experience.

10) Where do you hope to see Sosoxy in 5 years?
I actually have this written down. Haha.
Well, we see ourselves as an established Canadian and International company when it comes to sock e-commerce sbscriptions. We want to be "the" socks to have. To be the D&G or Louis Vuitton of socks.

Hmm, do I smell a Sosoxy Fashion Week??

We could do that too!

Then I had a few questions for Tolu, his wife.

1) Do you have any shares in Sosoxy?
Tolu: No, I just give my input as his wife. If he asks me a question on something, I'll give my response as if I were a consumer.

Kanmi: But you do have shares in the company, through me. We are one.

Amen! When you find a wife, you have found a good thing. LOL

2)What was your initial reaction when Kanmi told you about Sosoxy?

Tolu: I was interested. I thought it was an interesting idea. I don't really remember, I was tired that day.
Kanmi: You were sleeping.
Tolu: Yes, I was sleeping.
The first day was the brainstorming day.
Kanmi: So she basically helped with the foundation of the company. She also lets me know when an idea is bad.
Tolu: Yes I do, a lot.
Kanmi: Out of 100 ideas, only 1 makes the cut.

3) Last question, have you gotten your first pair of socks?!

Tolu: They're over there. (Points to Kanmi's feet) I gifted them to him. I will be buying my own as well but figured Mr Soxy should get a Soxy gift. Watch out for my Instagram page.
I do find that I'm more in tune with socks now. When I go out now, I look at other people's feet to see the socks they're wearing.

Well, there you have it folks! What do you think of the sock-giving idea with a network?
I would love to hear your thoughts below.

You can subscribe to Sosoxy HERE. Remember, even of you aren't a sock person, you could get it for a loved on who is!

P.S. 1 lucky reader will win a pair of Sosoxy socks!!
All you need to do is like Sosoxy's Facebook page HERE and/or follow them on Instagram HERE
Please comment below if you have done so to be entered! 

Satisfied Sosoxy customer:

SKinny B
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