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Saturday, 20 September 2014

I don't always wear make up but when I do...

Happy weekend folks!
I am no make up guru and I won't even pretend to be. My daily make up routine consist of 2 things- brow liner and eyeliner and I'm out the door. 
When I have a shooting session for my blog however, I like to switch thing up a notch and it's the same routine here. I've tried new things here and there but I just never seem to achieve the look that these make up artists on YouTube get so I stick to what works for me.

I always start with a clean face (washed using my Mary Kay Timewise cleanser and moisturizer).
Next, I prep and prime my skin with Arbonne cosmetics' primer.

I like to start with my eyebrows because they really frame my face.
I don't have much hair on my eyebrows so I fill them in with Mac's spiked brow pencil ( I recently purchased Stud by error but oh well...).

Next, I put some concealer on them. A good tip I learnt from Beautybyjj is to use a lighter shade of concealer underneath and a dark shade ontop. So I use Mac's NW40 underneath and the NW45 on the top of my brow.

When that's done and it's created a good path for me to follow, I use Mary Kay's charcoal eye shadow to fill them in and make them softer.

For my foundation, I've been using the same bottle of Mac's face and body foundation for the past year. I like to dab a little Mary Kay Bronze 2 concealer first before I put the Mac foundation, just because I find that Mac products make me break out but since I love them so much, I put Mary Kay on first and then Mac.

To bring attention to my eyes, I use a liquid Rimmel liner on top and a mechanical pencil liner on the bottom-both in charcoal black.

I add some extra pop to my eyes by putting a little gold bronzer in the corners of my eyes. I use Mary Kay's Bronzer.

I do some minor contouring just by using some Maybelline foundation that's 2 shades too light and I place that straight along my nose and blend in.

Lips are always last and are my favorite part because the possibilities are enormous!

Lip liner can make your lip color change and that can add some more variety with your make up. It also prevents the lipstick from "bleeding out."

I used Mac beet lip liner with Ruby woo lipstick

*Lashes are sometimes added. If I do use them, I prefer the half lashes that are added to just the corners. These go on after the eyeliner.

So in the end, I go from top to bottom!

So tell me, what does your daily make up routine look like and is it the same as your make up for special occasions?

SKinn Bish
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