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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Be a tourist in your city! Try a stay-cation in Toronto

Welcome to the end of the weekend-well for most of y'all because mine is just getting started! (I'm on vacation! Whop whoop!)

I have been enjoying my time off work, exploring this city I live in and getting to know it better!I love playing tourist and when your wallet is limited, a stay-cation can be just as fun as going overseas! There's so so much to do in Toronto from the Casa Loma, to the Royal Ontario Museum, to Wild Water Kingdom and the Toronto Zoo and I've been using my employee card to get huge discounts at various attractions and landmarks.

 I decided to head off  to Canada's largest Water park for some scary water fun and boy was it worth my money!
I don't know why but I love the excitement and rush of swiveling down a 50ft high slide and the rush you get right before you hit the water! I had a really scary moment when I landed almost head first into the water and everything was pitch black and it took me several seconds to get my feet to touch the ground but it was all good!

Are you a fan of water parks?

My swim suit top- H&M
Bottom-Topshop (I went 2 sizes up and regret it, should've gone just 1 size up!

SKinny Bish

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