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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Casa Loma

I love travelling. The reason I love travelling (besides dressing up and taking cool pictures) is because it's a chance to get cultured. You realize there's a whole large world out there and people who eat different foods and do different things for leisure. 

When I can't travel, I love playing tourist in my own city (which I've mentioned before).
This time, I decided to head over to a famous castle right here in Toronto- Casa Loma!
I had always wanted to check it out but never had the time. Well, as today was my last day off work, I thought I would drop by this much spoken about piece of history.
The weather wasn't the best but I was determined to make it out, as long as it wasn't pouring rain!

Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a feel of how grandiose this place is!

**Funny side note: I forgot my remote control at home and so couldn't take my pictures on location. I was so upset and tried to use the self timer on the camera but the pictures all turned up out of focus :( I had to take most of the outfit pictures. Oh well, the struggles of a blogger right?

Crisp white shirt- Zara ($25!!)
Skirt- Chicwish-Here
Bag- Aldo


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