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Monday, 28 July 2014

Health & Fitness-How I went from Size 16/18 to size 8 and what I do to stay fit.

Hey guys!
I FINALLY got to posting the video lots of you have been waiting for; what I currently do to achieve my "relatively" flat stomach and maintain my curves in general.

Here's what I looked like in comparison from 2006 and now-notice any change?lol

and another...

On the left, I wasn't even at my peak weight yet and the photo was taken around November 2006. Pic on the right was taken around June 2007.

It was a struggle getting this video up, (just like it was a struggle losing weight) and I had several set backs but I hope you enjoy it and learn a thing or 2. Being bullied for your weight sucks but we can always take matters into our own hands. I would appreciate any feedback! 

*Oh, I forgot to add, another thing I do is whenever I exercise I suck in my stomach! I promise it adds more resistance to your exercise routines.

SKinny Bish

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