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Sunday, 13 July 2014

His and hers wedding style

It's Wedding season and you and your significant other are invited as guests. You want to compliment each other but not come off as an old and corny couple. What do you do? Well...

When Bonobos.com reached out to me for me to come up with a post featuring their amazingly tailored men's apparel, I was super excited because I had never done something like this! 
Bonobos is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience.
They were voted "Best Men’s Pants" by New York Magazine and their pieces are currently available at Nordstorm!!!

I had full control over this project and knew immediately that I had to make it relate to my blog which is geared towards female fashion. I thought, "Since it's wedding season, why not come up with a few looks the ladies can wear to compliment their dapper +1?"
I decided to use my outfits to show you how I would dress, if given the opportunity and if my significant other was smart enough to choose to wear Bonobos! Haha
Mind you, for me complementing doesn't always mean matchy-matchy...

This first cotton-linen suit was like the canvas bloggers love to have because it's easy to build on it and almost anything goes! You could go with a solid color (as seen above)...

Or a nice, cute Ankara number (by Design of a diaspora).

Next up, we have a light weight blue suit for him with a choice of either a royal blue maxi dress or one-shouldered floor length Ankara dress, to go with his shirt :)
(dress by Design of a Diaspora)

In my opinion, orange is the perfect complement to green so once I saw the little hint of green in the male's look, I immediately knew I needed a number with orange. Here are the choices:

Top & skirt by miss beida fashion

Lastly, for outfit idea number 4, the hint of red and white in the pocket square is what I strove to compliment with this yellow maxi.
Yellow and red go as friends in my books.

Sooo, which is your favorite look?

Please don't forget to check out Bonobos' Men's summer collection and get your significant other looking like David Beckham...okay a girl can dream ;)


SKinny Bish
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