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Monday, 14 July 2014

Trad versus metro

I hold on to my culture even though I'm in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world.
It's amazing how in this busy city of Toronto, something as simple as an Anakara piece can make people, well stop. and. stare. (For the right reasons of course).

A question I get a lot from non-Africans is, "Can I wear Ankara too?" or "Will I look stupid?".
Yes, there are some ankara pieces with significant cultural meaning but wearing a top or skirt isn't offending anyone and no, you won't look stupid! I only recommend knowing which colors complement you in general and work with those same colors. As for me, I try everything!!

Design of a Diaspora  is back from a brief hiatus and I was soooo excited when she sent this set to me! How stunning is this fabric?! My ankara taste buds were drooling! Lol
*Plus, the peplum gives you added bum! Not that I need any...Lol

Top & skirt: c/o Design Of A Diaspora
Clutch: c/o: Anansi.co.uk (sale going on!)
Heels: Shoedazzle
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