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Thursday, 29 May 2014

A La Mode Casual Fridays

"Sometimes, it's the simplest and cheapest pieces that end up being your favorite."

That is the case with this outfit as well as a few others as well. I may have a $100 jacket here or there but it's a lot of times the simple things in my closet which I cherish the most.

This crop is a prime example. 
I purchased it from ASOS along with the rest of the pieces in the outfit and it's a cute and chic piece that fits perfectly into my wardrobe while making a statement of its own.
The pants didn't fit as planned (blame it on my thighs and butt) but still did the job!

Everything was on sale and currently out of stock but for reference...
Heels-HERE (P.S. if you're interested, I'm selling the heels in a size 9 US. I mistakenly ordered the same size so had to order another pair and now I have the size 9 just laying around. Let me know if you're interested in purchasing them!)

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