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Saturday, 31 May 2014

So tell me, what makes a (style) blog successful?

   I know how much you guys love my outfit posts (and I'm very grateful for that) but if you've been following my blog from the beginning, then you know I strive for great content and not just pretty pictures. I want my blog to have a focal point so that if you ask me, "what is the purpose of your blog?" my answer would not be, "to show what I am wearing". 

I recently came across this old post from one of my favorite bloggers ever (and whom I had the pleasure of interviewing), KT REED OF KTRstyle and she talked about an issue which has had me pondering in the past. Actually, she brought up 2 points- What makes a blog successful and closely tied, What makes a blogger?
Now this is just my opinion and please feel free to disagree but a blog should be more than "Look at me with my Givenchy purse" and "I got these shoes for free" or "follow me, follow me, follow me!" I like to come back to a blog for content. Sure, I've been guilty of trying to build up my following but trust me, my comments are always sincere. If I do not admire nor appreciate your style nor your writing, I will not follow your blog for following sake.I am pretty good at knowing the "show offs" versus those that do it for the fun and passion.

Is it just me or were the old-school blogs much more full of content. Now all bloggers want are huge followings and cool stuff but shouldn't those come as a after math of having a content-rich and creative blog? Trust me, not every blogger with 10,000 followers and an expensive camera and clothes is worth looking up to and you may want to be careful of those because they may make you end up feeling more empty and broke than you do.

Before you think this is a bashing fest, please bare in mind that I am not saying every blogger who has lots of money at their disposal and tons of followers is not worth following,(I actually follow and admire some of these women) I'm just saying, yes, there are those ones who seem to think that blogging is ALL about having the nicest things. They probably don't even interact with their followers because no, they're too cool for that.

In my (very humble) opinion, what makes a blog successful is a perfect balance of personality+creativity+reliability+consistency.
You need to own your brand and bring something different to the table. Networking helps immensely but never sell yourself out.
I'm saying this from personal experience, believe me. I (not too long ago actually) was thinking of joining blog affiliate programs for several companies I already shop at and then I (shamefully) wanted to see if I could get sponsorship from some I don't even frequent. I had to stop for a moment and think, "wait, if I get free stuff from this company, would it be something that fits into my style? Or am I just trying to get free stuff here?" So I did some soul searching and realized that it wasn't for me. I've stopped trying to get sponsorship from companies. I started without it so hey, I have to be able to afford these things or else I would have to re-think the purpose of my blog.

Okay I'm done rambling for now and really hope I didn't bore you but please, let me know your thoughts below!!! I'm very curious to see what people think!

If you have a moment, please check out KT's original post HERE.

SKinny Bish
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