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Monday, 12 May 2014

Miss Afropolitan 2014 is...!

My beautiful people! If you follow me on Instagram then yo would know that this past weekend I had some judging duties!
I had been contacted last year by the folks over at the Afropolitan Week of Fashion and Arts to see if I would be interested in being a judge and I had agreed.
The ceremony took place on Saturday downtown Toronto and it was a huge success. It was extremely entertaining and the winner deserved the title-she was poised, classy, well informed about world events and articulate! It didn't hurt that we are from the same country, haha. So congratulations to Miriam, Miss Bamengoum, who is the 2014 Miss Afropolitan! 
All the ladies looked great and kudos to the make up artists and designers who dressed them! Also a huge shoutout to the creators; Kelly and Sourayath!

I got to meet the ladies behind KUWALA, an online destination for all things Ankara.

*The contestants with the sponsoring designer, Kwesiya!

 *Youtube sensation Femi Lawson AKA "Mr Tantalizer" AKA "Mr I don't date I only marry"

Now on to my outfit, lol.
Well I'm going to be honest and say this dress came out very very different from what I had in mind and it's not my favorite (which is a shame because I actually went out and bought this red silk myself!). I did make the most of it and added the best accessory to it-a smile and I don't think anyone noticed the issues with the dress (which I shall not mention, you can find them for yourself, lol). My seamstress did her best to alter it at the last minute and here are the results...

*This is actually one of my favorite pictures ever! and yes, I took it myself ;)*

Dress by Miss Beida Fashion

SKinny Bish
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