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Thursday, 15 May 2014

"Child blow your horn now"

I normally stay clear of Ankara jumpsuits. I find that they tend to either manage to make me look fatter, are too stiff or give major camel toe. The latter was true in this case but nothing that a little tugging couldn't fix.
This jumpsuit also had me doing something I never do- go bra-less!! Hahaha

I just had to try it on when I went to my designer's place to try on a dress. It fit me like she had sewed it with me in mind! Haha.
I love the print as well as the sort of 60's cut and I couldn't stop playing Beyonce's "Work it out" when I put it on!

P.S. While we're here, let's not forget to remember the over 200 girls who should be wit their loved ones but got abducted in Ngeria and forced to convert to Islam. #bringbackourgirls!!!!

Get your own jumpsuit HERE
Bangle-Some store in Texas

SKinny Bish
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