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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Coming up

As most of you know by now, I am a huge advocate for up and coming designers-especially African designers.
 While I was in Texas, I had the pleasure of wearing my first piece from cjaj09 and boy was it a hit!
The designer had approached me last year to take a look at her site and I saw some pieces I could work with but this skirt captured my heart. It's a unique piece as no two of the items on the site are exactly the same, even if 2 people purchase the same product, the pattern or color would be slightly different.

*J'espère que d'ici vous aurez constaté que j'aime bien collaborer avec des couturieres moins reconnus, surtout les couturiers africains avec beaucoup de talent.
Durant mon sejour au Texas, j'avais l'immense pliasir de porter finalemt une jupe de cjaj09 qui a attiré beaucoup d'attention. Cette création est la seule au monde, et j'aime bien ceci avec cjaj09-les vêtements sont tous uniquent.

I paired the skirt with my favorite $20 Zara sandals, and a Topshop cut out crop top.

Skirt- Cjaj09

SKinny Bish
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