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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

"But we'll never be royal"

This past weekend was a long weekend for us here in Canada as we celebrated Victoria Day-well I personally didn't do much celebrating but I did hear and see some fireworks in my neighborhood!

I was passing through the mall (which is usually a bad idea for me) and decided to stop by H&M because I know they have their swimsuits out right now. Lo and behold, I saw this maxi on the mannequin and my outfit for the next day immediately came to mind! 
This is one of those outfits where the accessories brought it to life (in my opinion).

*Ce weekend passé etait la journée Victoria ici au Canada. Je n'avais pas le goût de feter mais j'ai quand même vue quelques feux d'artifices dans mon coin.
J'étais en train de marcher dans le centre d'achat quand j'ai decidé de regarder un peu ce qu'il avait a H&M. J'ai remarqué cette robe sur l'un des mannequins et j'ai immédiatement su comment je voulais la porté.*

Belt, necklace and bracelet-random accessory store in Houston.

SKinny Bish
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