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Saturday, 16 August 2014

A (not so) haunted castle

 Grrr! I don't have internet and have almost ran up my phone data usage for my cycle so my postings have decreased in number. I am restricted to areas with wifi before I can post and it sucks! I feel like a kid whose Barbie got taken away from her on Christmas! Grrr!

Well, here's a late post for you guys!
I made a brief trip to Hamilton and checked out the Whitehern castle, aka the "Haunted House."
It was way too beautiful to be scary in my opinion and I really loved the large staircases and gardens with colorful flowers. Very picturesque!

Whitehern castle has so so much history! The family that lived here once upon a time exchanged a series of letters which have actually been preserved by the city of Hamilton and can be read on www.whitehern.ca
The matriarch of the house became widowed and left broke after her husband spent all their fortune. There was also a history of mental illness in their family and blatant discrimination among her children. I was enchanted by their family  story and sat in front of the computer for about 2hours reading everything!

Dress- H&M

SKinny Bish
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